Superdog Sports

Consigning Your Items

Do you have a sports card or memorabilia collection that you want to sell but have no idea how to go about doing that? Let us help.

Consigning your valuables to an auction can sometimes be very stressful. Is this company trustworthy, do they know what they are doing, will I get paid and in a timely manner? All very good questions and certainly things you need to consider when you are determining who to send your items to.

Some people simply pick the biggest company, some pick those companies that have been around the longest, some pick those with the best reviews, and some pick those based on a referral from a friend, all good reasons to pick an auction site. So, what do we offer the consignor at Superdog Sports:

  • - NO CONSIGNMENT FEES: You pay nothing to consign with Superdog Sports. You send your items to us, we do the work, and you get paid. It is that simple.
  • - Extensive Advertising: We use all sports related advertising / marketing to get your items as much exposure as we possibly can.
  • - Restricted auction size: our auctions will never have more than 300 lots in any auction. Consignors tend to forget that if the auction is too big, your items can get BURIED in all of the lots that come in the auction. Not at Superdog Sports, we restrict the auction size, and your items will never get buried in huge auctions.
  • - Quick Consignor payment: We don't hold the money for a month or two while you sit and wait for your proceeds. We get the money to you as fast as we get it. We ask that all of our buyer's pay within two weeks of the close of the auction and a check will be cut to you within two weeks. If your consignments are paid in full in full before the two weeks, you will be paid then. Getting payment to the consignors quickly is one of the most important things an auction site can do, and we WILL get you paid quickly.

We also would like to introduce a new consignor option for those with very large collections: Single Consignor Auctions. Do you want an entire auction to be only for you??? We do that here at Superdog Sports. Send us your collection, we get it listed and sold on a date you pick and send you the money, it really is that simple. (Some restrictions do apply)

What do we accept, for consignment? We accept graded sports / non-sports cards as well as autographed items that have been authenticated by either PSA, JSA, or Beckett.

*Note* - We do issue 1099's for consignors who receive payments totaling over $600.00 in any calendar year. You will be required to submit a 1099 form prior to receiving any payments that eclipse that total.

If what we have to offer appeals to you, please get in touch with us as soon as you are ready to sell. Superdog Sports might not be the biggest, but NOBODY will outwork our team.

Carl Hubbel